Why Visit

  • India Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances Exhibition is a must-see event for all business people looking to get an edge and succeed in the consumer electronics and home appliances market.
  • A wide ranging show, it encompasses a broad spectrum of products as well as showcasing new technologies and designs.
  • The fair provides an excellent inter-industry networking environment, giving a comprehensive overview of the entire market and industry.
  • The show gives you an accurate idea about current and upcoming industry and market trends helping you to expand and explore new business opportunities.
  • Exhibition is a powerful platform enabling visitors not only to view large numbers of products at the same time but to evaluate, compare, see demos and get detailed insights into the products directly from the manufacturers themselves.
  • The CEI Fair is structured towards creating new and growing business opportunities via joint ventures and partnerships for Indian businesspeople.
  • Take advantage of India Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances Exhibition’s benefits and increase the scope of your business at one time and at one location.
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